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Objective3D Direct Manufacturing offers proven 3D printing
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Develop your 3D design on your preferred CAD software. Upload your file in different file formats and get an online quote.

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3D Print your parts with over six 3D printing technologies including multi-material and multi-colours. We pride ourselves in developing your prototypes and end-use parts whilst offering an easy and friendly 3D printing service.

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We ship and deliver your 3D printed parts to anywhere in the world. You are also able to pick up your part from our service bureau in Melbourne.


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Full Colour 3D Printing Saves Thousands of Dollars in Product Development.

The power of a physical model is the tangible communication of your idea to collaborators, stakeholders, and clients. A 3D printed concept model is your vision made real, evoking excitement and facilitating feedback. Geoff Stuart the owner of Brandname Properties, a...
Melbourne Quarter Living Precinct

Shared Vision – Melbourne Quarter Living Precinct

Since opening our doors in 2004 we're helped thousands of products get to market. Whether its in the early development stages right through to full production we get to share our engineering skill set and impart a small piece of our DNA into every project. Our job is...
Major Trucking Companies

Keeping Kenworth Moving

3D Printing Prevents Major Trucking Company from Shutting Down Production Line “Thanks to the capabilities and expertise of the Objective3D Direct Manufacturing facility and staff, we were able to produce end use parts that allowed production to proceed unhindered...
Aston Martin DB5

Introduction to an Exclusive Club

To gain access you'll need to hand over $80,000 as a sign up fee. This is the current market rate for a rusty Aston Martin DB4GT which contains the all important Chassis Number. A select few of these hulks are fortunate enough to find their way to Paul and his team...

3D Printed Investment Casting Pattern for the PAC 12 Trophy

Archie Held Studios (Richmond, CA) won the competition to design the PAC 12 College Football Playoff Trophy this year. The actual job required that three trophies be manufactured: one full-scale model to be awarded to the team that wins the PAC 12 Championship game,...

The New American Muscle Car

After re-locating to Michigan in 2011, Equus Automotive teamed up with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing to aid in the manufacturing of the prototype/pre-production BASS770. Equus’ model 770 defines a new iconic American muscle car. Beneath its brilliant exterior lies an...

3D Printing Gives Flight to Humanitarian Efforts

Stratasys Objective3D Direct Manufacturing teamed with Structural Integrity Engineering to further efforts on the latest Flying Eye Hospital for Orbis. Orbis, an organization dedicated to providing ophthalmic training to communities around the world, utilizes airborne...

Fused Deposition Modeling Takes Flight With NASA’s N+3

Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation is a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced, unmanned systems and aerospace vehicles. In 2010 Aurora’s Research and Development division, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts was selected to collaborate with the...
3D Printed Bone Models

3D Printed Bone Models Provide True-To-Life Training For Surgeons

Traditionally, when clavicle, wrist or ankle fractures require surgery, doctors rely on plate fixation. Plate fixation requires a large incision over the damaged bones and the application of metal fixtures to the outside of the bone to hold the fragments in place...
Revolutionary DMLS Surgical Tool

Revolutionary DMLS Surgical Tool Repairs Ligaments, Restores Confidence

There are over 900 ligaments in the human body, each serving to support and connect hundreds of bones. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most important ligaments connecting the tibia (shin bone) to the femur (thigh bone). It stabilizes the knee and...
3D Printing

3D Printing Brings the Familiarity of Home to the International Space Station

Surviving in space is perhaps one of the greatest challenges of our recent past, current and future generations. Pioneering into the final frontier as scientists, and even colonists, is imbued with potential answers to thousands of questions (philosophical,...