The power of a physical model is the tangible communication of your idea to collaborators, stakeholders, and clients. A 3D printed concept model is your vision made real, evoking excitement and facilitating feedback.

Geoff Stuart the owner of Brandname Properties, a packaging design agency based out of Sydney, approached Objective3D Direct Manufacturing with a new advanced design for a sports shoe that he had designed and patented.

The goal was to create a new shoe with a unique sole that has been designed to reduce ankle injuries common in many sports.

Geoff’s new design was very unique, and he wanted to 3D print his shoe with the fabric, colours and sole design all reproduced so he can take this project to boardroom table discussions with potential investors.

Geoff’s biggest challenge was the high cost in producing shoes in small prototype runs just to get samples to take to potential investors where minimum orders are required as well as the need to make multiple sizes all before knowing if the product would sell and without stakeholder investment.

Another obstacle Geoff had to overcome was the fact that he had 2D images of his design but no 3D CAD data.

Using the GrabCad community Objective3D was able to connect Geoff with a young designer Hesam Soleimanzadeh who was able to take Geoff’s 2D rendered design and turn it into a 3D model. With this new 3D CAD data, Objective3D was able to apply the colour renderings to the 3D model using Materialise Magics.

A full-colour 3D model was then produced using the latest state-of-the-art Stratasys J55 3D printer.

Combining the quality of Stratasys PolyJet technology with a five-material channel, this full-colour 3D printer features a rotating build platform with a fixed print head for outstanding surface finish and print quality. Its compact but unique rotating build platform is able to print a full-sized shoe including multiples of the same part without increasing print durations.

“I am totally amazed by the quality and accuracy of the 3D printed models. I’ve saved thousands of dollars in the development stages of my project by utilising 3D printing technology to produce a part that would be usually made using conventional methods. Thanks to the capabilities and expertise of the Objective3D Direct Manufacturing facility and staff, who assisted me all the way in my product developing stages,” according to Geoff.

Create any form imaginable with 3D printing’s design freedom, producing models direct from your CAD design. Blend aesthetics and function into an incredible model, in your hands and ready for display faster than conventional manufacturing methods can deliver. Whether you require a polymer 3D print of your latest design, a metal 3D print produced in ti64, Copper or 316SS or a full-colour 3D print of your latest shoe design Objective3D Direct Manufacturing can assist and add value to your business.

We aim to take the complexity out of these projects, streamline workflows and help our customers investigate and get the most out of new technologies.

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