Professional Finishing + Assembly

Our professional finishing and assembly 3D Printing services allow you to create amazing and highly precise finishing applications for your 3D printed models, functional prototypes and end-use parts through different painting processes. We offer Bead blasting , Bonding and gluing, Media tumbling, Painting, Sealing of FDM parts and Smoothing of FDM parts.

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Finishing and Assembly APPLICATIONS

Bead Blasting

For any FDM application, bead blasting with plastic media is an ideal solution. Inexpensive and quick, your model, part, pattern or tool can have a great surface finish without sandpaper, fillers or solvents.

Bonding and Gluing

For parts too large to fit on a single build, for faster job builds with less support material, or for parts with finer features, sectioning and bonding Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) parts is a great solution. There are many methods, and even more materials, for bonding FDM parts.

Media Tumbling

Suitable for all FDM materials, vibratory machines are available in tub and bowl shapes of various sizes.


For tough, production–grade thermoplastic parts, build with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology. FDM parts can be sanded and painted for attractive functional prototypes and end–use parts.

Sealing FDM Parts

A number of different sealing methods have been validated for FDM parts, making it possible to take advantage of the cost savings, design freedoms and leadtime advantages provided by FDM in a wide range of new applications.

Smoothing FDM Parts

An alternative finishing method is now available for processing FDM parts. With little labor and a short processing cycle, the Finishing Touch Smoothing Station yields prototypes, tools and production parts that have finishes that are ready for paint, plating or production. The Smoothing Station can provide a surface finish of 32-63 microns.

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