An Insider's Guide to Laser Sintering

From the design lab:

An Insider’s Guide to Laser Sintering

Guide To Laser Sintering

While all additive manufacturing (AM) processes share the ability to create multifaceted parts with intricate features, each system has its own design guidelines to ensure accuracy and optimize part design for the build process and compatible materials. These design guidelines are usually filed under trade secrets for each manufacturer, which can leave the average design engineer adrift on a sea of 3D printing challenges. To change that, we’re sharing our expertise on LS gained from over two decades of working with the technology.

In our new white paper, we’ve compiled some of the most important design considerations for any Laser Sintering project, including:

  • Optimum wall thicknesses based on part orientation
  • How to ensure small feature resolvability
  • Moveable components
  • And more

Download our exclusive white paper on Laser Sintering to learn how to use this 3D printing process for prototyping and low volume production.

Laser Sintering